Halloween in January!

28 January, 2010 1 comment Leave a comment

We started some Halloween Mask projects this year and are very excited about the quick start we’ve had with these guys. This is our stud HMxR2, Boulder, and our beautiful pure HM female, Eras. Check out those head patterns! They look like someone poured ink all over them!

So far we have two clutches from these two, and we have a few other gals mixed in with Boulder who have thrown a clutch or two, so bring on the Halloween Masks!

This second group is equally exciting. We found this nice HMxR2 male, who we call Garamond and he has some great orange coming in. We will pair him Lucida, our Emerine x Bold, with the hope of increasing some of that orange. Should be some cool stuff coming from these two!

So, check back for an update on how things hatch out this spring at Gecko Daddy!

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  1. Paul Allen March 30, 2010

    Very cool guys! The HMs are looking great. I love how their color and patterns filled in. Excited to see the offspring… ;)

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