The Rise of Skeletor

29 May, 2010 4 comments Leave a comment

So, we hatched out this odd looking gecko a few weeks ago. We posted pics on our facebook page, so you may have seen him there. He was a total surprise. We found his egg, along with that of his clutch mate, hidden in the moss of our HMR2 and Emerine pair. We had pulled eggs out of the hide that had vermiculite on several other occasions, but we never checked the moss for eggs. We happened to find the eggs nestled in the damp moss and one of the eggs was huge—I mean HUGE. So we put it in the incubator assuming that it was a few days old and also believing that there was no chance of anything surviving. To our surprise the egg hatched 10 days later. 10 DAYS! We were in shock. How long had that egg been in the moss? How many times did we check the moss and add water and squeeze the water out? How could it have survived?

How cool is this guy? He had the most unique markings and his eyes were mesmerizing. He was also a runt, which was odd because of how big the egg was. We were expecting the opposite. We named him Skeletor just for the fun of it and the name has stuck with our kids, even though they don’t know who Skeletor is (He-Man is way before their time and they would think it is totally lame).

So Skeletor is going through the changes, but he is still cool and it is still exciting to open his bin to see how he’s doing. His head is really lavender and that spot on his nose still makes him look like Skeletor-purple hood over his yellow skull and all. And he still has those freaky eyes. We aren’t sure if we will be hanging on to Skeletor yet, but for now, he is one of those geckos that you can’t stop looking at.

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Yep, he’s gonna be a real cool gecko!


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  1. Casey May 13, 2011

    This morph is hot!

  2. Ryan Maine (silverbrook geckos) June 20, 2010

    c’mon. post some more pics of this amazing gecko!

  3. Ryan Maine (silverbrook geckos) May 29, 2010

    wow, a truly amazing gecko!
    I hope he turns out to be an amazingly new and surprising morph!

  4. extremelaura May 28, 2010

    wow that little gut is so cool. love his markings :-)

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