Project: TUG Snow X Halloween Mask R2 Bold Stripe

20 September, 2010 1 comment Leave a comment

We are currently working with several leopard gecko projects. We have colonies of tangs, sunglows, patternless’, blizzards, TUG phantoms, HM (Halloween mask) R2 (stripe) bolds, emerine HM R2 bolds, and TUG HM R2 bolds.

I recently did a photo shoot to capture the progress of our TUG HM R2 bold project. We started this project with our TUG snow female-Speckles and our male HM R2 bold-Boulder.


We are pretty excited as we saw our first hatchlings. The babies hatched out as either white or yellow with black or brown bands. We have held back most of our white ones to see what happens with the bold markings as they mature. Some of these will likely be sold (even though we’d love to have room for all of them), but here are some of the best from this year.

Male #1 

Male #2

Male #3


Female #1

Female #2


Female #3

Our hope is to keep that white snow color and add some heavy bold markings in the head and bold stripes going lengthwise down the body. Should be exciting to watch this evolve over the coming years. We do have some TUG snow X HM R2 bold crosses avialable on our avialable snow page.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. daniel September 21, 2010

    do you send to agrnetina?

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