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19 February, 2011 1 comment Leave a comment

With the 2011 season well under way and gecko eggs coming regularly, we have created a projects page to let everyone see what we are doing here at Gecko Daddy. This is an exciting time of year with great anticipation for what we will produce--or uhh, what the geckos will produce. They do all the work!

Now, the page isn't perfect yet and there are some things we haven't posted, but you'll get the idea. Best of luck to all the other breeders out there! And best of luck to the geckos!


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  1. Asmirah September 28, 2012

    yea the geckos are hehlaty, mine eats when its not being watched and its new pet so it is skidish a bit og me but just get a mealworm bowl and leave like 20 mealworms in there at a time. if you have trouble put some waxworms in there to fatten them up, us a lot of vitamens with waxworms.

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