Camo Halloween Mask

21 March, 2011 5 comments Leave a comment

This little gecko has been fun to watch grow up. When she hatched she looked like your average bold stripe Halloween mask, but then she started getting this "junk" on her back. We have been watching her closely, trying to decide if she works into a project. She could certainly go with our rainbow stripe fella (also pictured here) or we could put her with another Halloween mask. What I really like about her is she almost looks like she is camouflaged--like a tank or something. The greens are really olive and she has some decent bolding going on. I also like the lavender spots.

What do you think?

Gecko Daddy

Gecko Daddy Gecko Daddy

Gecko Daddy Gecko Daddy


Here is the rainbow striped Halloween mask.

Gecko Daddy Gecko Daddy

Gecko Daddy Gecko Daddy

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  1. Terry Hedge June 15, 2012

    Do you still have this camo HM girl? If yes, can you post a recent pic.
    Thanks guys!

  2. Kelly May 23, 2011

    These 2 were definitely a match made in heaven,…in fast,…not getting these two to produce a superb clutch would be criminal in m7y book! bravo 0n both of them,..they are really beautiful and the whole camo thing? the colors are thee exact shades in true camo you couldn’t ask for better! Seriously,…it really does show well! C-YA!

  3. Gail May 06, 2011

    love her she is different.The way she stands as if she is saying Look at me I’m a beautiful lady

  4. Jennifer March 21, 2011

    Nice guys!

  5. James March 21, 2011

    She doe’s look like she’s got the camo going on,very cool looking :>)That male has some nice spot’s and stripe’s to,they really could be a match in the making for sure.

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