Project Update: TUG Snow X Halloween Mask

04 July, 2011 4 comments Leave a comment

It’s only year two in our TUG Snow X Halloween Mask R2 Bold project and we are already seeing some fun results.

With the Halloween Mask, we expect to see erratic bold head markings that this trait is known for. With the TUG Snow, we are expecting to have a reduction in yellow pigmentation and even a reduction in spotting. The R2 Bold stripe trait produces a nice solid black stripe down the body rather than the normal banded phase.

Year 1
We crossed our pure TUG Snow female with a 50 to 75% HM male.

 (Click images to enlarge)

Gecko DaddyGecko Daddy

The results were this guy:

Gecko Daddy

Year 2
Next we crossed that male with a pure HM female.

Gecko DaddyGecko Daddy

And here are a few of this year's results (More pictures are available on our Facebook page.):


Gecko DaddyGecko Daddy

Gecko DaddyGecko Daddy
Gecko DaddyGecko Daddy
Gecko DaddyGecko Daddy


You can see how fun this project is. We are certainly looking forward to the next few years.

Thanks for looking!



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  1. Barry January 14, 2014


  2. Gary January 30, 2013

    Very very beautiful babies. Would love to get my hands on one. cant wait for them to go up for sale!!!

  3. Madi July 25, 2012

    Those babies are beautiful

  4. Ray/Ceci November 03, 2011

    We just bought Gabriella (our halloween mask gecko). Pics to follow.
    We LOVE her!

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