About Gecko Daddy

Gecko Daddy started in the Spring of 2007 when we three dads-Brian, Chris, and Kevin Hansbrow (right to left below)-decided to continue the hobby we grew to love when we were kids. We are excited to offer you what we feel are some of the best geckos available at great prices and we hope that whether young or old, the wonder of reptiles will bring you the joy and excitement it has given us.

All three of us live in Utah now, though we were raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. We grew up in the hills of Concord chasing lizards and snakes, and every other living thing! Brian and Chris bought 1.1 three-toed box turtles in 1981, which Chris still keeps and enjoys with his kids. Yes, 28 years is a long time! (We know what it means to accept responsibility for another living thing!) We spent most of our teenage years working at a local reptile store, Hoffman’s Pets. It was during those years we were first introduced to the captive breeding of Leopard Geckos and Fat Tail Geckos as well as many other species of reptiles. We have loved these animals ever since.

Now that each of us have families of our own, we are passing on to our children the love we have for these amazing creatures. We are Gecko Daddy!

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