Smooth Knob-Tail Gecko Care

At Gecko Daddy we have a strong belief that as pet owners we incur the responsibility to care for our pets.

This care sheet does not represent the only way to care for these animals but the method that we use at Gecko Daddy. We encourage you to search for other care sheets and use the method or combination of methods that best serves you and most of all, your gecko!

General: Smooth Knob-tails are a stout, medium sized gecko. The average size adult is up to 3-4” snout to tail tip. Females grow larger than the males weighing around 25-28 grams, and males around 20 grams.

Housing: These geckos like to hide in low ceiling cave-like dwellings where they will dig in the substrate and completely seal the opening. Smooth Knob-tail Geckos thrive best when housed individually, and males should not come in contact with each other or they may fight and become injured. Do NOT house adult Knob-tail Geckos with babies or any other reptile species. We keep our geckos in plastic bins, in a rack system, although a glass enclosure such as an aquarium can be used to allow for optimal viewing of the animal. Nothing smaller than a 10-gallon enclosure should be used for housing an adult specimen.

Substrate: We use a 1/2" layer of Non-silica “Play Sand” on the warm end, with a gradual slope to 2-3" on the cool end. The cool end should be kept slightly damp by spraying with a misting bottle a few times a week. Keep a cave or a flat thin rock on each side, with a slight cave dug under it. Our bins get sifted once to twice a week depending on the need, and new sand every other month. Beware that using coarse sand can lead to possible impaction. In our opinion, fine “play sand” is the way to go! It can be found at “Lowes” and “Toys R Us”.

Heating/Lighting: Because reptiles are cold-blooded, they require an external heat source to help regulate body temperatures and aid digestion. By providing a range of temperatures for your gecko to choose from, you will allow it to thermo-regulate its body temperature. Temperatures may range from 88-90 degrees F on the warm side of the enclosure to 70-74 degrees F on the cool. We do not provide a night heat cycle for our geckos here, however some keepers choose to lower temps at night 10-15 degrees F. We recommend overhead ceramic bulbs (radiant heat, no light) for heating, or under-tank heaters (UTH’s). Place the heat source on one side of the tank (roughly 1/3). This will create that range in temperature that you want. We do not recommend heat sources such as heating rocks as they can cause injury or death to your animal.

Water: By keeping the cool end moist the Knob-tail will utilize the condensation of moisture to keep hydrated. If you are not seeing condensation on the side walls close to the moist cool end you can spray that with a little extra water. We still offer a small rock style water dish, that get fresh water daily. This works well for us.

Food: Knob-tail Geckos eat live crickets, roach nymphs, wax worms, and mealworms. Feeder should be “dusted” with calcium powder every 2-3 feedings and reptile vitamin once a week. Be careful not to feed them anything larger than about 3/4 the size of their heads to prevent choking. Do not offer to many feeders at a time as they can be come stressed. Babies should be fed 2-4 appropriate sized crickets or roaches every day until they reach about 2 inches in length, then larger feeders every other day until they become full-grown in about 10 -12 months. Adults can be fed 3-4 larger crickets or roaches 3 times a week. If you are having a hard time getting them to eat we remove hides and water dish. Make sure not to leave feeders in the enclosure for more than 8-10 hours and to put hides and water dish (if you are using one) back in. We recommend a variety of feeders, and to use wax worms sparingly.

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