Favorite Pics 2010 Vol. 1

Takin' pics of geckos is fun! Here are some of the good ones fom this year.

This is the male sunglow holdback from last years group. We haven't named him yet, but blazin' hot is what we should call him. He is stellar! The baby next to him is one from this year that is also AMAZING. Should be a male as well.

Here are two of the HM R2 Bolds we produced this year. We aren't sure what to do with these yet. They are real lookers. This could be a pair for next year.

 This is a fun pic of one of our rough knob-tails (nephrurus amyae). Love the tongue action here.

Here is another tongue going on this crested. I really think crested geckos take great pictures. They have cool poses like the second guy.

The fat tailed geckos are the funnest because they are slow and you can pile them up. This was the pic I took while they were getting positioned for the picture that is now on our homepage. Some fat tailed geckos are more relaxed about photo shoots than others. Check out the middle gecko. What is he thinking?