Our Story

Like any story, it is hard to pinpoint exactly where the story of our love
of reptiles and especially leopard geckos begins. Growing up in the hills of northern California during the 1980’s was a dream for twin brothers who were drawn to these misunderstood critters and the not so cuddly creatures roaming the countryside. We often invited “guest reptiles” to hang out with us for a
week or two before releasing them back into their natural environment and we did all we could to understand and connect with them. There never was a “show and tell” at school when we didn’t bring something with scales.

We bred our first Leopard geckos in 1988 starting with a trio of what we
would now call “normal” or “wild type”. That’s all there was! Our stock came from Pakistan, and we worked with them through our teenage years at the one and only Hoffmann’s Pets in Concord Ca. Leopard geckos were not terribly popular back then, but we knew they would someday be considered by many to be the best pet lizard you could buy!

Gecko Daddy started in the spring of 2006 when we decided to continue
the hobby we grew to love when we were kids, passing on to our
own children the love we have for these amazing creatures. We are excited to share with you what we feel are some of the best leopard geckos available and we hope that whether young or old, the wonder of reptiles will bring you the joy and excitement it has given us.

We are Gecko Daddy!

We knew we wanted our kids to learn to be responsible and compassionate

If we had to describe Leopard Geckos in two words, they would be hardy and handleable. Leopard geckos are the perfect size for young and old reptile lovers and their docile temperament makes them the perfect reptile pet for holding. What adds to their enjoyment is their ease of care. These two qualities made Leopard Geckos the easy choice to help teach our kids responsibility and compassion for other living things.