Leopard Gecko Projects

tango crush tangerine leopard gecko banner

Tango Crush Tangerine Leopard Gecko

In our opinion, a tangerine project is a must in leopard gecko breeding. The orange and red tones found in top projects are truly spectacular. For several years we spent top dollar to bring in some of the best known tangerine lines available (Blood, Tornado, Torrid, ETC., Pacific Green, and Electric). Since 2010 we have been selectively breeding from our own collection to produce amazing tangerines that are sure to blow you away!

After 8 years of selective breeding from our own collection, the Gecko Daddy tangerine line deserves a name, so we call it Tango Crush.


Halloween Mask leopard gecko banner

Halloween Mask Leopard Gecko 

All of our projects are fun, but there is something special about a Halloween Mask (HM). We acquired our first HMs in 2008 and immediately recognized the potential in these geckos. There is nothing quite like seeing one of these geckos in person. They are very impressive.

It is difficult to adequately describe the unique head and body patterns that you find in a Halloween Mask. The head, or mask, has bold random markings while the body has aberrant markings that are often trichromatic—having black and grey and even elements of reddish-brown. As these geckos mature the bolding and patterning intensifies and you get that great erratic Halloween Mask look for which these animals are known.

White and Yellow leopard gecko banner

Tremper Tangerine White and Yellow Leopard Gecko

Our Tremper Tangerine White and Yellow project combines the Tremper albino tangerine traits with the dominant “White and Yellow” trait. Our goal with this project is to produce beautiful geckos with bright tangerine striping and high white sides that are characteristic of White and Yellows. One other exciting development in this project is that we have also produced raptors—with deep red eclipsed eyes.

Jack-O'-Lantern leopard gecko banner

Jack-O'-Lantern Leopard Gecko

What do you get when you combine the most orange Tango Crush Tangerine with the boldest Halloween Mask? You get a tangerine Halloween Mask that we call a Jack-O'-Lantern! This is a project that is now several years in the making and we have consistently chosen the best offspring to help us produce the ultimate Jack-O’-Lanterns.


Litebrite leopard gecko banner

Litebrite Leopard Gecko 

In 2012 we decided to pair a TUG snow with a pure Halloween Mask. The result of this pairing led to a unique looking gecko that we named Litebrite because of his random bold patterns and bright white and florescent yellow coloration throughout his body. Years later, our Litebrite project is one of our favorites because of the bold black and white geckos we have produced.

TUG snow line is great for the Litebrite project because it is a dominant trait and can produce incredible whites. Combined with the bold Halloween mask trait, we see geckos with great variability in pattern. This makes every pairing an exciting experience. It is this kind of excitement that keeps us addicted to leopard geckos.

Mango Crush Leopard Gecko 

How do you not combine the beautiful deep oranges of the Tango Crush with Tremper Albino White and Yellows? We have! The result is a Tremper albino tangerine with deep orange colors and beautiful albino eyes. We call our project the Mango Crush and we love it!