Gecko Daddy Leopard Gecko Articles

Caring for Your Leopard Gecko

At Gecko Daddy we have a strong belief that as pet owners we have the responsibility to care for our pets. This care sheet does not represent the only way to care for leopard geckos but the method that we use at Gecko Daddy. We encourage you to search for other care sheets and use the method or combination of methods that best serves you and most of all, your gecko! Why Leopard Geckos? Leopard Geckos are the most popular geckos kept today. They are easy going animals and make great pets. Twenty years ago a normal leopard gecko was the standard,...

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Turning Your Leopard Gecko Hobby into an Online Business

We had kept reptiles for years. We had bred a few and had been able to sell everything we produced. It seemed like a no-brainer to turn our hobby into a real business. You know, with a name, a logo, some cards, and contact info. We thought we understood the nature of an online business. We studied other reptile related web sites and we thought, “We’re going to the next level!” So, one glorious afternoon we convinced our wives that this was a business opportunity. This is the article they wish we would have understood clearly before taking our reptile...

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Black and White is Outta Sight!

To create a bold black and white leopard gecko, we knew we had to start with two of our favorite morphs—the TUG Snow and the Halloween Mask. The TUG Snow is a great snow line with a lot of white in the head and body. We have found this snow line to be a fun line to work with because it doesn’t have a super form and you can line breed for patterns. We like the hypo-snow version, as well as those with lots of spotting. The second morph that we have come to love over the years is the...

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Favorite Pics 2010 Vol. 2

Well, the year is coming to an end, and that means it's time to post my favorite pics from the second half of the year. I have to admit, this has been hard to do, not because I don’t have favorites, but because I have too many. It is absolutely amazing to see the beauty in these animals. By the way, you should know that I am an amature photographer and geckos are the first and only thing I have ever photographed, so I hope you salivate over these as much as I do! The first few are from a...

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Happy Leopard Gecko Hiding Boxes

There are several options you can use to create a hide for your leopard or fat tailed gecko. One of the simplest is to use Tupperware. We have many juvenile geckos that are using the sandwich size Tupperware boxes. We simply cut a hole in the side and slightly burn the edges so they are smooth. You can also use a larger Tupperware and cut the hole in the top. Placing the hole in the top is nice because most of the time you can keep your crickets out of the hide. For a moist hide, fill your hide with...

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Purchasing and Acclimating a New Leopard Gecko

Like many other leopard gecko breeders, at Gecko Daddy we are often asked questions about purchasing and acclimating new geckos. We are happy to respond to emails and calls whether or not the geckos were purchased from us. Below we will share a few questions that we recommend should be asked before purchasing a new gecko. We will also address some of the most common questions that we are asked by those who have recently purchased a leopard gecko and are in the process of acclimating their new gecko.  Of course the questions reflect only a few of the most common,...

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