Happy Leopard Gecko Hiding Boxes

There are several options you can use to create a hide for your leopard or fat tailed gecko. One of the simplest is to use Tupperware. We have many juvenile geckos that are using the sandwich size Tupperware boxes. We simply cut a hole in the side and slightly burn the edges so they are smooth. You can also use a larger Tupperware and cut the hole in the top. Placing the hole in the top is nice because most of the time you can keep your crickets out of the hide. For a moist hide, fill your hide with damp paper towel or damp sphagnum moss. If this is a dry hide, add dry paper towel or moss.


Another relatively easy option is to get a larger dish size container, like a dog bowl, and find a top that fits over the bowl, like a planter tray. Cut the hole in the tray, or use a burn tool to burn the hole.


Some keepers like to provide both a moist hide and a dry hide. During egg laying season you will need hides for gravid females. We fill our egg laying hides with about 1 to2 inches of slightly damp vermiculite. We usually try to give each female her own hide so that she is comfortable and can lay in privacy. We also darken the sides of clear containers with tape so they will feel secure in their hide.


Once you have hides made, place one on the cool side of the tank and another on the warm side. If there is only space for one hide in your habitat, find a place that makes you gecko happy and keep the hide slightly moist.


One thing is for sure, hides make for happy leopard geckos!