Favorite Pics 2010 Vol. 2

Well, the year is coming to an end, and that means it's time to post my favorite pics from the second half of the year. I have to admit, this has been hard to do, not because I don’t have favorites, but because I have too many. It is absolutely amazing to see the beauty in these animals. By the way, you should know that I am an amature photographer and geckos are the first and only thing I have ever photographed, so I hope you salivate over these as much as I do!

The first few are from a smooth knob-tail shoot I did back in October. These geckos are fun to take pictures of, especially when they are this beautiful. I love the tongue action too, and with big eyes like that, it happens a lot!

So, while we're on the knob-tails, here are a few of a really nice rough hatchling we had. I just love the detail in these guys. The first time I saw one in real life, I just about passed out because of how cool it was. Now we have many that we can stare at all day long. They are definately one of the coolest looking geckos out there.

This next group is of a couple of fat tailed geckos. What I love about these geckos is how kind they look. They look gentle and lovable and happy, and generally they are. I always tell people that fat tailed geckos are like turtles without the shell. That's what these guys remind me of. Don't they look like kind, happy geckos?

Now, sometimes you have a gecko that the camera loves. This next guy is a sunglow leopard gecko that I could not get a bad picture of. Every picture I took was perfect.

The next three pics are of leopard geckos that we love looking at every time we walk by their bins. The first one has a really cool head pattern and an awesome stripe that goes all the way down. The next one is of a male Halloween mask R2 bold stripe that has a bunch of colors coming in on the stripe-really cool. Finally, this bold female has produced some really bold offspring for us, and she keeps getting better and better. She is the boldest gecko we have  and we love her.

This last pic is of a Harry & Co. crested gecko that we picked up this last season from Anthony Caponetto. You know, these geckos are fun! And the eyes on this pic are what I love most.


With pics like these in 2010, bring on the 2011 season!