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Geckos for Charity Water

03 March, 2018 0 comments Leave a comment

So, today Gecko Daddy started a campaign with Charity Water to donate $10,000 to help bring water to 285 people. This is how we are going to get our goal!

Black and White is Outta Sight!

09 November, 2013 4 comments Leave a comment

To create a bold black and white gecko, we knew we had to start with two of our favorite morphs—the TUG Snow and the Halloween Mask. The TUG Snow is a great snow line with a lot of white in the head and body. We have found this snow line to be a fun line to work with because it doesn’t have a super form and you can line breed for patterns. We like the hypo-snow version, as well as those with lots of spotting.

The second morph that we have come to love over the years is the bold Halloween mask. The head, or mask, has bold random markings while the body has aberrant markings that are often multi-chromatic—having black, grey, brown, green, and red. As HMs mature, the bold markings on the head and body become more erratic. Like the snow, this is a strong genetic trait that you can line breed for pattern.

(Click images to enlarge)

Gecko DaddyGecko Daddy

Our end goal was to produce some extreme bold black and white geckos. We have seen that realized over the last two years and have produced some amazing white and blacks with a ton of bolding. These are fun!

Gecko DaddyGecko Daddy

Gecko DaddyGecko Daddy

Now for something we didn't expect. Several years ago we hatched out an interesting gecko from this project. We named him Litebrite. Litebrite had some nice symmetrical bold head markings as a juvenile gecko. Like many of our hatchlings, he also hatched black and white. He exhibits a common characteristic of TUG snows—like a prowling cat, he keeps his body low to the ground. We thought he was interesting, so we kept him around to watch him change. We never would have guessed how much he would transform over the years. His pattern became so erratic and he had some very interesting speckles on his neck and shoulders.


Gecko DaddyGecko Daddy

Of course, we wanted to have more geckos like Litebrite, so we breed him back to some of our TUG Snow HM crosses and he has produced several interesting geckos. Like Litebrite, many of these geckos have random bold patterns and speckles throughout their heads and bodies. This is what we were hoping for.

Gecko DaddyGecko Daddy

Gecko DaddyGecko Daddy

Gecko DaddyGecko Daddy


If you are interested in joining the fun, you can pick up your own bold black and white geckos here. If you are interested in one from Litebrite's line, we will be offering a limited number soon. Please inquire.

By the way, lurking somewhere in this project is a Tremper albino gene. Our original TUG snow carries it and we have seen it pop up here and there over the years.

Thanks for reading.


Project Update: TUG Snow X Halloween Mask

04 July, 2011 4 comments Leave a comment

It’s only year two in our TUG Snow X Halloween Mask R2 Bold project and we are already seeing some fun results.

With the Halloween Mask, we expect to see erratic bold head markings that this trait is known for. With the TUG Snow, we are expecting to have a reduction in yellow pigmentation and even a reduction in spotting. The R2 Bold stripe trait produces a nice solid black stripe down the body rather than the normal banded phase.

Year 1
We crossed our pure TUG Snow female with a 50 to 75% HM male.

 (Click images to enlarge)

Gecko DaddyGecko Daddy

The results were this guy:

Gecko Daddy

Year 2
Next we crossed that male with a pure HM female.

Gecko DaddyGecko Daddy

And here are a few of this year's results (More pictures are available on our Facebook page.):


Gecko DaddyGecko Daddy

Gecko DaddyGecko Daddy
Gecko DaddyGecko Daddy
Gecko DaddyGecko Daddy


You can see how fun this project is. We are certainly looking forward to the next few years.

Thanks for looking!



Gecko Daddy Breeding Colonies

07 June, 2011 5 comments Leave a comment

One of the thoughts we express to each other frequently, as we are taking care of geckos, is, “This is a fun project. If we only had room, I would pair these two geckos together.”

Alas, we don’t have the room. Poor guys.

So, we are now excited to offer leopard gecko breeding colonies. These geckos are not only individually exceptional; they are also matched to create awesome offspring. We will be offering pairs and trios of different projects that we have been working on.

Though these geckos will still be offered separately, there are a few reasons to buy a colony:

  • First, you get a significant discount when buying a colony.
  • Second, we know these geckos and we have recommended what we would breed together.
  • Third, it seems like more fun to be shipped with a friend than by yourself, don’t you think?
  • Fourth, did I mention the discount?


Now, if you see another gecko that you want to exchange for something that is in a colony, just tell us and we will work something out. If you want to make a trio out of a pair by adding something, we are oh so happy to oblige.

More colonies are coming soon!

March White Out

02 April, 2011 4 comments Leave a comment

Spring is officially here and that means nice enough weather to start shipping animals out. That also means we start getting some new animals in. New blood. New projects. Oh yeah!

So, we have added a few newbies to our collection, but none more exciting than our "white out" male that we picked up from JMG. Upon openning the package, our jaws dropped and we stood there staring at this guy with a look of  OMGosh written all over our faces. This guy is a stud and we certainly have to tip our hats off to the Galewoods for producing such a specimen. It is an honor to have a JMG gecko in our collection ... and to have this guy is ... WOWZERS.

So, here he is.

Gecko Daddy

Gecko Daddy Gecko Daddy

Gecko Daddy Gecko Daddy


Camo Halloween Mask

21 March, 2011 5 comments Leave a comment

This little gecko has been fun to watch grow up. When she hatched she looked like your average bold stripe Halloween mask, but then she started getting this "junk" on her back. We have been watching her closely, trying to decide if she works into a project. She could certainly go with our rainbow stripe fella (also pictured here) or we could put her with another Halloween mask. What I really like about her is she almost looks like she is camouflaged--like a tank or something. The greens are really olive and she has some decent bolding going on. I also like the lavender spots.

What do you think?

Gecko Daddy

Gecko Daddy Gecko Daddy

Gecko Daddy Gecko Daddy


Here is the rainbow striped Halloween mask.

Gecko Daddy Gecko Daddy

Gecko Daddy Gecko Daddy

Gecko Projects

19 February, 2011 1 comment Leave a comment

With the 2011 season well under way and gecko eggs coming regularly, we have created a projects page to let everyone see what we are doing here at Gecko Daddy. This is an exciting time of year with great anticipation for what we will produce--or uhh, what the geckos will produce. They do all the work!

Now, the page isn't perfect yet and there are some things we haven't posted, but you'll get the idea. Best of luck to all the other breeders out there! And best of luck to the geckos!


New Web Site Design

19 January, 2011 1 comment Leave a comment

So, I took advantage of some time, albeit late nights and early mornings, to redesign our site for the coming year. I wanted something that highlights our passion for geckos and their beauty. I wanted to have more opportunities to display photos and build something that can handle the projects we have coming in the year and years ahead. I'm pretty happy with the improvements.

So take a look at the new design and let us know what you think. I will say that this is just the beginning, or phase 1 as we call it. We will be adding available geckos in the coming weeks and I have also planned to create a section on the projects we are working on, in fact I have already had a photo shoot for that. In the end, the geckos deserve better than what we had, and I think they will be happier with this.



Gecko Time Article

11 January, 2011 2 comments Leave a comment

I guess there is a first time for everything. This week was the first time I have written for Gecko Time and they actually published it. Now you can read all about "Turning Your Gecko Hobby into an Online Business." 


If you want to read articles as they are published, you can subscribe to Gecko Time and read some great stuff about gecko ownership. We have really enjoyed the articles and the amazing photos that are published. You can also become a fan of their Facebook page.

Thanks to Matt and Aliza at Gecko Time for giving us the chance!

Favorite Pics 2010 Vol. 2

17 December, 2010 3 comments Leave a comment

Well, the year is coming to an end, and that means it's time to post my favorite pics from the second half of the year. I have to admit, this has been hard to do, not because I don’t have favorites, but because I have too many. It is absolutely amazing to see the beauty in these animals. By the way, you should know that I am an amature photographer and geckos are the first and only thing I have ever photographed, so I hope you salivate over these as much as I do!

The first few are from a smooth knob-tail shoot I did back in October. These geckos are fun to take pictures of, especially when they are this beautiful. I love the tongue action too, and with big eyes like that, it happens a lot!

So, while we're on the knob-tails, here are a few of a really nice rough hatchling we had. I just love the detail in these guys. The first time I saw one in real life, I just about passed out because of how cool it was. Now we have many that we can stare at all day long. They are definately one of the coolest looking geckos out there.

This next group is of a couple of fat tailed geckos. What I love about these geckos is how kind they look. They look gentle and lovable and happy, and generally they are. I always tell people that fat tailed geckos are like turtles without the shell. That's what these guys remind me of. Don't they look like kind, happy geckos?

Now, sometimes you have a gecko that the camera loves. This next guy is a sunglow leopard gecko that I could not get a bad picture of. Every picture I took was perfect.

The next three pics are of leopard geckos that we love looking at every time we walk by their bins. The first one has a really cool head pattern and an awesome stripe that goes all the way down. The next one is of a male Halloween mask R2 bold stripe that has a bunch of colors coming in on the stripe-really cool. Finally, this bold female has produced some really bold offspring for us, and she keeps getting better and better. She is the boldest gecko we have  and we love her.

This last pic is of a Harry & Co. crested gecko that we picked up this last season from Anthony Caponetto. You know, these geckos are fun! And the eyes on this pic are what I love most.


With pics like these in 2010, bring on the 2011 season baby!


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